Welcome to Stars in Sturbridge

Welcome to the NELA 2007 Annual Conference, Stars in Sturbridge. This year’s event will include many great programs and speakers, including Dorothy Cann Hamilton, host of the PBS series Chef’s Story;author Gregory Maguire; Moshe Waldoks, co-editor of the Big Book of Jewish Humor; and mystery author Mary Jane Clark.

Plymouth Rocket, Inc. is pleased to sponsor Internet access and the NELA Conference Blog. Have a great event, and please take a moment to visit them at table 416 to see their latest in web-based software for libraries. A big thank you to the Plymouth Rocket folks for making live Internet access possible for our bloggers!

Volunteer bloggers will be recording their notes and impressions during this year’s conference. We’ve all had the experience of missing a great session because it conflicts with something else we need to attend. The blog will give you an opportunity to hear how the session went, follow relevant links, and read about another person’s take on the session. It’s also a great way to go back and review materials if you don’t take good notes or can’t find them.

If you are blogging this event on your own blog, send us a link and we’ll add it to our blogroll. Please remember to add the nela2007 tag so that we can easily find your NELA conference posts.

We hope you all enjoy this new format for participating in the NELA conference. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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