Greetings from the Elm City!

Sterling Memorial Library, New Haven CT

Hi, my name is Jenn Nolte and I work in the Integrated Library & Technology Services department
(Systems Office) at Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library. My title is Applications Manager / Database Analyst, and I’ve been at the library since January 2004. My current responsibilities include managing MARC record loads, extractions and processing projects; and I’m one of those people who work at a library but do not (yet) possess an MLS- a situation which hopefully will be corrected in the next two years!

This is my second NELA, and I am totally excited to be contributing to this blog! I’ve been to 2 sessions already (writing from my room right now), and they’ve both been really interesting and fun. I’ll be posting my notes later on this evening. See you around!

~Jenn Nolte

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