Hello from Vermont

6:00 a.m. Buon giorno from Vermont. Jerry Carbone here and I will be driving down I-91 from Brattleboro this morning to attend NELA for the day. Hope the traffic near the Mass Pike entrance is not too much of a hassle. Since I hail from Denver, I am a little bleary-eyed after going to bed too late last night to watch the Colorado Rockies win their 20th of 21st game. They are definitely the 2007 Boys of Summer. Maybe that should be Early Fall.

I am the library director at the Brooks Memorial Library. I was the state representative to NELA from 2004-2006. Hope to see old friends. I am bringing my Reference Librarian, Jeanne Walsh, to her first(?) NELA conference. Better get on the road!

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  1. Your Rockies are looking quite strong… maybe a Red Sox/Rockies World Series?

  2. John

    I can only hope so, but this will leave my loyalties divided. I moved from Denver to VT in 1976 but I go back several times a year. I have been to Coors stadium, where you can still get a ticket for $5 and sit in the Rock Pile.

    This team came out of nowhere. It is a team of homegrown talent and as far as I can see, no big egos, as we can attest the Bosox have no shortage of. At least for the Sox it’s not the “9 guys, 9 cabs” of the 1980’s.

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