Overheard at NELA

“I LOVE my job!”

“One thing I like about Computers & Libraries, they have TRACKS.”

“Is this the coffee line?”

“I lost my flash.”

“The big thing I took away from that week [NELLS] is how important people are… they are the heart and soul of your organization, and they are a resource.”

“You’ll see people walking around with dinosaurs on their nametags… they are past presidents.”

“They are bringing more chairs…” (about the LibraryThing and Social Cataloging session, full to overflowing)

“A leader learns how to help people succeed in their position.”

“I don’t think leadership means you have to be a director.. it means you show leadership from whatever position you are in.”

Moderator: What do you do [at NELLS] that was fun?
Librarian 1: Well, one year we fought with the life guard, to go swimming…
Librarian 2: I went swimming, I’ve never swum with librarians before…

“We got about $38,000 to give to about 20 libraries [for small projects in VT]. One library got a bathroom.”

Librarian A: “I heard you closed down the bar!”
Librarian B: “Yeah, at 11 o’clock :/”

“[Librarianship is] an aging profession… it’s a mostly white profession…it’s a mostly female profession. Anyone surprised by that?”

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