Relax & Rejunvenate

I was going to go the session on Firefox, but I was sitting in the Southbridge Room at 3:45 PM when the presenter for the next session came along and started rearranging chairs. I started helping, decided to stay, and wow, am I glad I did! She opened the doors to let in some fresh air, turned out the lights, and put on some lovely instrumental music (possibly Enya?). The session drew about twenty people.

Joanne Barnes, a licensed massage therapist practicing in Holden, MA, led us through some light massage techniques, a few stretching exercises, and a tense and relax meditation exercise, presenting us with handouts on hand and foot reflexology and a great list of tips (some common sense, some pampering) to reduce stress:

  1. Get light exercise every day
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Talk with an old friend
  4. Laugh
  5. Find quiet time for yourself
  6. Hydrotherapy
  7. Get enough sleep
  8. Listen to music
  9. Try yoga or stretching
  10. Treat yourself to a massage or facial
  11. Enjoy a hot cup of tea
  12. Take on a positive attitude
  13. Volunteer

We paired up and got to play with some neat massage tools and practice hand and foot rubs, as we felt comfortable. “This is the best session!” said on participant. “Yeah, forget that TECHNOLOGY stuff!” agreed another. We did a lot of laughing, and left feeling relaxed, and rejuvenated, indeed.

Joanne recommends the following book for those interested in stretching techniques: Stretching, by Bob Anderson (Shelter Press).

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