Technology Gone Wild; Planning to Tame Technology

Panelists: Alan Kirk Gray Asst. Director at Darien, Dawn Brown Asst. Director at Springvale Public Library, ME, and Kendra Morgan Tech Atlas Outreach Specialist at Webjunction.


Alan: Questions you should ask.

            Who are you planning for?  What are you doing? 

            What are you planning to do?  Level of service, collection, etc.  Level of technology and overall services should all range in the middle

            Where are you planning to go?  Services and Effectiveness. 

            When are you planning? Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. 

Darien uses a pyramid stepped from today to 10 years from today.  Services – 10 years, Staffing – 5 years out, Management and Funding – 3years out, Resources – 2 years out, Delivery – 1 year out, Daily Presence is the peak – face to face, website, presence.

            Why are you doing this?           

            Whose library is it?

            Where is the edge of the library?

            Do you trust someone to be your patron?

            How do you balance the needs of the connective and contemplative? 

           How do you serve the “hard middle”?   

Customer Service Matrix: Planning for these Standard – Extended –  Innovative

                       Individual Customer Service

                      Library as service provider 

                      Service to the community           

                      Leadership in the community 

Technology Layers: P2P, Patron Direct, Patron Indirect, Staff, Management, Infrastructure.

Infrastructure: HVAC, building maintenance

Management: technology to run the library

Staff: tech for customer service

PI: OPACPD: office, email,

P2P: social networking, file sharing, virtual reference

PD and P2P may have nothing to do with the library, are simply services we provide.

Layers make up an ILS Spine. On either side you have the Patrons or the Staff,  each are split with hardware and software.  Most people start planning with PI and Staff hardware.  Move to Management hardware and Infrastructure hardware and software, and finally incorporate PD and P2P hardware and software. (this was on a handout)

Think like a CEO: Maximize performance and retain customers.RFID will make the most of customer service and effectiveness, big investmentMost important rule: Make Mistakes!Attack like a fighter pilot: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act, and start all over.  OODA loop  

Kendra: Tech Atlas Tools to Tame Technology

WebJunction purchased Tech Atlas as a planning and management tool for libraries. Screen shots were shown, in lieu of internet not up to allow interactive tour.

Envision Tab sets the foundation for your plan, decide who will be on the team, describe your mission statement: what you will accomplish, your vision is what you would like to see technology bring your library, objectives. A list of goals and objectives can be created, added and deleted at any time.  There is also a budget worksheet for each of the goals and objectives. 

Inventory computers: kept offsite at Webjunction.  Information can be added manually or with a script run over the network. 

Budget and inventories can be downloaded into excel spreadsheets.  Goals and objectives can be downloaded into word documents. 

Consider tweaking, Tech Atlas is just a tool, you can adjust it however you need to to get the best result for you. 

Dawn: Taming Library Technology “The Springvale Maine Way”

Why and how: Tech plan required by state library, Springvale had an older plan, needed to update it, Tech Atlas came available.

Why is a plan important? Computer usage continues to rise, need to update and replace existing computers to meet demand, important tool for fund raising.

What TA did for them: Input all their info and got a 7 page document , but realized it did not meet any of their goals.  They tweaked the format and information they got from TA and built from it 

What they loved: the inventory part of the program broke it down into what we have vs. what we want.  It also allowed them to label where everything is.

            Goals and Objectives and the summary: TA asks lots of questions, so they decided to cut back on questions and make it simple.

            Budget current and projected for the next three years. 

Having a completed plan has changed the way they view technology.  Assists with fundraising, gives them a greater vision for future tech, tamer tech for the library, improved tech planning and accountability so patrons benefit with improved and updated technology. will have power point presentation from today.

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