President’s Pick

President’s Pick

Susan Raskin Abrams brought us the delightful Mose Waldoks, co-editor of the Big Book of Jewish Humor.  Moshe is a rabbi, teacher, humorist and raconteur.  He had us laughing very hard.  We learned about the iconoclastic anti authoritarian streak in Jewish humor through the ages.

We discussed humor from Biblical times.  There was no mention of sanitary facilities in Noah’s ark!  Humor in modern times…the character in Borat who was not actually speaking Khazikstani but modern Hebrew!

I was dismayed to learn that one of my favorite comedians, Jackie Mason is now broadcasting for the right wing. 

Important tip:  If you read Freud’s Humor and its Relation to the Unconscious, you may not be able to laugh effectively for a long time.  Don’t wait for the film version!

I, for one, am going to check that my library has a copy of the latest edition of the Big Book of Jewish Humor on our shelves and take it out! 

Also, there is no doubt that humor makes us more human and is very good for our health.  Librarians, start laughing! 

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