Create a Successful Staff Retreat

Denise van Zanten of Manchester City Library, Dianne Hathaway of Goffstown Public Library, Amy Lapointe of Amherst Town Library and Marilyn Borgendale of GMILCS, Inc. led this presentation about a successful staff retreat that GMILCS libraries had in February. GMILCS is a consortium of 12 public and academic libraries in New Hampshire.

Shared documents on the retreat –
Shared readings on our retreat –

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Discussion Group: Library Lifelines

This discussion group was led by Diana Comer (dean) and Louise Motta (librarian) from the Dorothy Salter Library at Salter College.

Louise describes herself as a non-traditional librarian (3rd or 4th career) serving mostly non-traditional students in a non-traditional library.

She described this project as a “Field of Dreams.” They started the library with a vision to turn a small for-profit post-secondary career school into a two-year degree granting college with a small academic library. Not everyone could see the dream. A few librarians did: Terry Plum (Simmons College), Jerry Miller(Simmons College), Carolyn Noah (CMRLS) and Margaret Cardello (CMRLS). Continue reading

Get a (Second) Life!

For those of you who skedaddled early and missed this session, here are my own notes from the presentation by myself, Megan Fox, and Candy Schwartz.

“Second Life is a 3-D online digital world imagined, created and owned by its residents.”

Second Life Stats:

  • Total Registered Residents: 9,566,36 (compare to 4,878,127 in March 2007)
  • Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,681,479
  • Avatars in-world at any given moment: usually 30,000 to 50,000
  • Main Grid Sims: 3,180
  • Teen Grid Sims: 49
  • Exchange Rate: $1 US = L$266
  • US$ Spent Last 24 hours: $1,224,137
  • LindeX Activity Last 24 hours: $218,128

System Requirements
RECOMMENDED system requirements and a list of NONCOMPATIBLE video cards is online at:

Av: Avatar
Client: Program that runs SL
Griefer: Someone who exists solely to cause trouble, through harassment
Lag: Delay in background, objects, and chat loading, and avatars/objects moving
LL: Linden Lab, the company that created and maintains Second Life
LM: Landmark, as in, I need an LM so I can return here!
Prim: The basic building block in Second Life
Rez: To appear or resolve , as in, I’m waiting for the world to rez
SL: Second Life
SLURL: hyperlink to a location in-world, or in SL
TP: Teleport, a way to get from location to location without walking or flying.

Second Life Website:
Beth’s Bookmarks:

Carr, Paul and Graham Pond. The Unofficial Tourist’s Guide to Second Life. St. Martin’s/Griffin, 2007.
Rymaszewski, Michael et al. Second Life: The official guide. Sybex, 2006.
Tapley, Rebecca. Designing Your Second Life. New Rider’s Press, 2007.
Webber, Aimee, et al. Creating Your World: The official guide to advanced content creation in Second Life. Sybex, 2007.
White, Brian. Second Life: A Guide to Your Virtual World. Que, 2007.

Search “Info Island” in your map to locate the Second Life Library

Pimp my Firefox

State of the States

Funding is an issue in ALL New England States, but grant funds are responsible for the success of projects ranging from getting a toilet put into a small library in VT to hooking up with WebJunction for professional development needs. Representatives from all six New England States were on hand to detail some of their successes:
CT: 80% success rate on database access via IP address, Continuing Education via WebJunction
MA: funding for new library construction/renovation
RI: New chief librarian
VT: $38,000 in grant funding

Jim Retting from ALA spoke about some library trends, such as the graying of the profession and the large percentage of librarians hitting retirement age. He also spoke about how ALA has responded to member requests for advocacy assistance by creating the Advocacy Resource Center.