Get Your Game On!

This is the second workshop I have attended by Beth Gallaway on the values of gaming @ your library. Just a personal note, I took many of her suggestions a year ago and started a successful gamers club at my library. Her entire slide presentation is available online at and she invites you to use it with trustees, parents and other powers of being when suggesting or beginning gaming activities at your library.

As Beth began using the words goals, obstacles and tools, I began to think how playing games is so close to real life. We set goals for ourselves, have obstacles challenging us, we learn what tools we might need in our adventure and how to use these tools. The argument that kids playing games is a waste of time went out the window.

When you visit Beth at you will have access to her knowledge and lists of suggested articles, websites and books on the subject of gaming at the library.

I particularly liked her suggestion to use a patron’s gaming preferences as a reader’s advisory. Example: If you enjoy playing first person shooter games like Halo you may enjoy the book Battle Dressby Amy Efaw.

As Beth says, “Don’t be afraid to Get Your Geek On”. You can take the pressure off your gaming proposals by labeling it a pilot project.

November 15th is National Gaming Day @ Your Library. It is not too late to join ALA’s promotion of gaming. Visit

Thank you Beth for encouraging me to get my game on at my library and I have preordered your book soon out Game On: Gaming at your Library. I encourage conference attendees to try the games ITS members have assembled available throughout the conference at Drop In Demos: Games and Gaming.

Deborah Gadwah-Lambert

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