Marketing on a Shoestring

I have a very strong inclination to begin a Nancy Davis fan club! She is always an informative and interesting speaker. She makes a compelling case for the importance of marketing our libraries, especially in difficult economic times.

She suggests that we stop making excuses and accept that any effort is better than no effort. There should be a budget for marketing and a plan created. In economic hard times it pays to tell people how you are helping to solve community problems. Library marketing should be segmented and targeted towards specific populations and in all sorts of places like newspapers, radio, and at sites where your targeted users congregate. She suggests starting small and making sure your materials look professional. It is important to sustain the marketing effort and to measure the results of the marketing effort. Some of the more cost-effective ideas include working cooperatively with businesses, other libraries, and schools. To raise awareness of the library host unusual events, for example, free blood pressure checks, and invite local organizations to meet at the library. Many specific suggests can be found at the link below.

Best ideas from audience members include a very successful e-mail notification list for adult programs, asking a local bank to fund the library’s marketing campaign, and hosting a library fair with door prizes and booths with information about area libraries.

More information about this presentation is available at username NELA password NELA.

Nancy Wilson

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