What is a NERTCL?

Why do we go to conferences? To collect ideas, meet new and old friends, recharge and rejuvenate our work in our libraries…

NERTCL, The New England Roundtable of Teen and Children’s Librarians, held a session to provide an opportunity to do just that. The meet and greet provided a casual forum for youth service librarians to meet like-minded professionals and learn about successful library program initiatives in New England.

Sample Program highlights included:

 “Book Buddies” from Lincoln Public Library            Lincoln, RI

Teen volunteers (11-18 years) earn community service hours for coming to the library and pair up with a child 3-8 years of age.  The volunteer reads stories, play with floor puzzles and color with their younger buddy. Book Buddies meets once a week in the afternoon for eight-week sessions, three times a year.  Lincoln currently has about 12 teens volunteering for the program and many of the younger book buddies have been participating for many years.


“Teen Pizza Taste Off “– Woburn Public Library            Woburn, MA

Eight local pizza businesses were asked to donate three to four pizzas for a blind pizza taste off for a teen program at the Woburn Public Library. The program was hosted in January in an attempt to lure teens into the library during a traditionally quiet programming lull during the year. The Library’s teen advisory board was active in running and promoting the event. Over 65 teens attended and voted for their favorite pizza in the following categories: Best Cheese, Best Sauce, Best Crust and Best Overall.  The local newspapers picked up the story and many of the winning businesses framed their recognition certificate and display it in their restaurants.

YALSA’s Young Adult Galley Project – McArthur Public Library             Biddeford, ME

In 2006, YALSA started a YA galley review project and appointed 15 libraries across the country to serve for two years terms. The McArthur Public Library is in its first year of its second appointment participating in the galley program. Once a month, twenty teens (12-18 years old), hand picked for this program, meet to discuss the galleys they have read. Publishers send two copies of each galley title (ranging all genres of teen books) to the appointed libraries. Teens are encouraged to think critically about what they are reading and they are required to fill out a review form for what they read.  The 15 participating libraries nominate the titles for the YALSA Teen Top Ten list. 

NERTCL meets monthly (Sept- May) to discuss youth librarianship and plan programming for the annual NELA conference and the NERTCL Spring Symposium.  NERTCL also hosts the Jordan Miller Storytelling Workshop (alternating with the MA Library Association). There is a rep. from each state on the board – and NERTCL is currently seeking a VT representative.  Visit the NERTCL page for more information and please consider getting involved with this great group of people! 

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