Drop-In Demos: Games and Gaming

all three days (Sunday/Mon/Tues) at periodic times

Information Technology Section (ITS) members have again assembled an assortment of popular games sure to become hits in your library. Come at your convenience to play, learn more about this increasingly popular option, and take advantage of the opportunity for a hands-on trial.

gaming lab @nela2009
photo credit: Brian Herzog

Personal Thoughts and Impressions: My FAVORITE part of the conference!! I must have spent a good 45 minutes in that room trying to not stink at Rock Star (the screen on the far left). I play most of my video games on the PC and tend to gravitate towards long, adventure/quest-type games, so it was quite a treat to get to see some of the more popular games and consoles first hand.

The room had three type of game setups. On the left hand side, there was a PlayStation 2 with a Rock Star game loaded, complete with wireless guitar, wireless microphone, and drum set. In the middle was a Wii and various games and accessories. On the right hand side was a Xbox 360 with Guitar Hero loaded and a wireless guitar. I spent nearly all my time in there playing Rock Star, but I did watch a bowling game and a race car game being played on the Wii and listened in on a few discussions as well.

I hope this demo will be presented again at next year’s conference.

Excerpts from handout compiled by Scott Kehoe:

Who’s Got Game (some statistics)

    53% of all American adults play video games
    81% of all 18-29 year olds play video games


    76% of teens play online games

    66% of parents with children under 18 play games

    Gamer Profile
    55% male
    56% urbanites
    57% college educated
    62% annual income $50,000+
    no significant ethnic differences among game player

Online Bibliography:

Buying Games and Equipment:
GameStop – http://www.gamestop.com

  1. sell all consoles, games and accessories
  2. also sell USED games and equipment — can buy more equipment with less money
  3. take trade-ins — when games stop becoming popular, trade it in and get something else

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Entertainment Software Association – http://www.theesa.com – video game industry professionals
Promotes video games and responsible for rating video games

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Introduction to Evolutionary Feng Shui

Every culture throughout time has generated a set of guidelines for living harmoniously with nature so that individuals may thrive. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese system for such guidelines. Many of its principles are timeless and universal, offering both wisdom and common sense for understanding the relationship between people and the spaces they occupy. Amy Mims, director of The New England School of Feng Shui (updated: Ned Farrell, a CT Feng Shui consultant, was the presenter), shows how to create environments that feel wonderful and provide support for achieving your goals.

Excerpts from handout given by Mr. Farrell:

Feng shui knows how our environment affects us, and how we in turn can make our surroundings work to our greatest advantage.

No formula for an exact balance to your immediate surroundings exists, though with a little effort you will find the proper range. You’re looking for a feeling, not a formula.

a) Be mindful of what you see as you approach the house or front entrance.

    If the mailbox is at the street, paint it the same color as the front door.
    Get a brand new doormat.
    Cut back or deforest any shrubs or trees blocking the front entranceway.
    Ensure that the house number or signage is clearly visible.

b) Go through each room of the house or business, including garage, basement and attic.

    Get rid of clutter.
    Ask yourself “Why do I have this?”
    “When was the last time I have used this?”
    “Do I love this?”

c) In the kitchen,

    Remove everything from countertops and clean them well – put back only what you use every day.
    Put out of sight all knives, even those in wooden holders.

d) Throughout the house or building,

    Remove anything unnecessary from the corners or rooms. Leave free of objects or use upward lighting.
    All doors should work well.
    Remove everything stored behind every door.

And when in doubt, use your gut feeling as your best judgment. Your own emotions and feelings speak volumes to you.