The Conference is Over But the Blog Continues

Hope everyone had a great NELA conference! Although the conference is over, don’t forget to check back with the blog over the next couple of days for post-conference reports from the sessions.  We had a wonderful group of dedicated bloggers who were busy posting during the conference, but with limited time and an on-again, off-again Internet connection, live blogging was not always a possibility. The posts will keep coming over the next couple of days (I know I have notes from the last day of the conference all sitting on my computer!)

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Do it yourself Technology

Speaker- Deanna Gouzie youth services librarian at Baxter Memorial Library in Me.

MySpace for your library

A librarian may encounter resistance in setting up MySpace for their libraries

  • As librarians we need to model positive use of MySpace
  • Children have ways to circumvent filters to get to these social networking pages
  • Teens will look at library MySpace as opposed to a library website

Developmental assets – What teens needs to become functioning adults

  • Teens learn to communicate with peers, authors, and even politicians
  • They learn the correct boundaries

Why teens

  • Many teens dedicate time and imagination to create their pages, they are proud of their accomplishments
  • MySpace or other social networking sites are here to stay
  • Americans spend 12% of their time on MySpace
  • How to set up a MySpace
    • very simple if you keep it basic
    • It only takes a few minutes to activate your account
    • No need to write in HTML
    • Privacy is important – you can only see a person’s account if they allow you to be their friend.
    • You can also edit friends…or block someone
    • Top 5 – very important to teens
    • Pimp my MySpace…many sites that help you to design your site
    • Very empowering for teens and helps them master technology skill
    • just fill in the blanks to put in personal information

    Library Myspace pages give teens a safe place to explore and learn about literature.

Theresa Maturevich – Beverly Public Library in Ma.

Some uses for blogs in a library setting

  • Readers advisory – book reviews, recommendations, summer reading lists
  • Upcoming events- programing, pictures,
  • Movie and music reviews
  • News about library renovations
  • Subject specific blogs – most blogs are searchable by their tags
  • Communication between librarians
  • To host an entire library website…No HTML needed…
  • Can place a link to your blog directly to the library website

Setting up a Blog

  • easy to set one up – go to or
  • make a user name and password
  • decide the purpose of you blog
  • then just start typing
  • You can add categories that allow others to search your blog
  • you can easily link words to any other webpage

Wiki – an editable webpage – that anyone can edit (but this can be controlled)

  • Also easy to set up
  • Can become very unorganized if pages are not thought out and set up initially
  • Can be private of public – can be just for staff
  • Password can help control those who may edit
  • Files or pictures can easily be attached
  • Can link to URL or other websites
  • Can use templates or just be a blank page

Many can be started for free. Of course, you get more bells and whistles when you pay. The good thing is that you can begin with a free site and upgrade when you feel the need.

Why create a blog or wiki instead of just a website?

  • There is more flexibility
  • Can easily allow the input of others
  • Can get immediate feedback from your readers
  • Cost…this type of communication can be started without cost…just the time involved
  • Anyone can write in this format…
  • Can be edited from anywhere that has a internet connection