Hello from Vermont

6:00 a.m. Buon giorno from Vermont. Jerry Carbone here and I will be driving down I-91 from Brattleboro this morning to attend NELA for the day. Hope the traffic near the Mass Pike entrance is not too much of a hassle. Since I hail from Denver, I am a little bleary-eyed after going to bed too late last night to watch the Colorado Rockies win their 20th of 21st game. They are definitely the 2007 Boys of Summer. Maybe that should be Early Fall.

I am the library director at the Brooks Memorial Library. I was the state representative to NELA from 2004-2006. Hope to see old friends. I am bringing my Reference Librarian, Jeanne Walsh, to her first(?) NELA conference. Better get on the road!

Greetings from the Elm City!

Sterling Memorial Library, New Haven CT

Hi, my name is Jenn Nolte and I work in the Integrated Library & Technology Services department
(Systems Office) at Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library. My title is Applications Manager / Database Analyst, and I’ve been at the library since January 2004. My current responsibilities include managing MARC record loads, extractions and processing projects; and I’m one of those people who work at a library but do not (yet) possess an MLS- a situation which hopefully will be corrected in the next two years!

This is my second NELA, and I am totally excited to be contributing to this blog! I’ve been to 2 sessions already (writing from my room right now), and they’ve both been really interesting and fun. I’ll be posting my notes later on this evening. See you around!

~Jenn Nolte

Kathy Lussier’s Introduction

Hi all! I’m Kathy Lussier, Asst. Admin. for Technology for the Southeastern Mass Library System and outgoing Chair of NELA’s Information Technology Section (ITS). I love to work with libraries to find innovative ways to incorporate technology into their services. NELA ITS is coordinating blogging at the conference this year, and we hope you all find it to be a welcome addition to your conference experience.

My only previous experience with conference blogging was at this year’s Computers in Libraries conference in Arlington, VA. I posted a day’s worth of conference sessions on my technology blog – SEMLS Tech Watch. I’ll be blogging all three days of the conference and taking photos to post to the NELA Flickr group.

Be sure to say “hi” if you see me at the conference and feel free to give me any feedback on the conference blog. We would love to be able to offer this in future conferences and want to hear what you think.

Brian Herzog’s Introduction

Hello, I’m Brian Herzog, Head of Reference at the Chelmsford (MA) Public Library, and this will be my second NELA annual conference. I’ve never been an official blogger before, but I’ve been posting my session notes for all the conferences I attend on my own weblog. I’ll be at the conference all day Monday and Tuesday (probably going to see the Hollywood Librarian Monday night). I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, so please come up and say hi if you see me.

Another intro

Hi, I’m Sharon Foster, graduate ILS student at Southern Connecticut State University and Technical Support person at Cheshire Public Library in Cheshire, CT. This is my first library convention and my first time live-blogging anywhere. I’ll only be at NELA one day (Tuesday) but I’ll arrive Monday evening, so if anyone wants to meet for dinner, count me in!