Orientation for New Members

NELA Membership Chair Ann Connolly and other NELA reps offered tips and highlights for the conference.

NELA President Susan RaskinAbrams – If you would like to get involved, talk to somebody with a flashing star because they are all stars of NELA who have helped out with the organization.

President’s Pick program – Moshe Waldoks, author of The Big Book of Jewish Humor, will be speaking from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

NELA Vice President and Conference Committee Chair Kris Jacobi – There are still tickets for all NELA ticket events. Food served at event should be recipes from Dorothy Cann Hamilton’s cookbook.

 We will be showing the film, Hollywood Librarian, Monday night.

 There are programs for all different interest areas.

 Betsy Bray – Executive Board, Past President, and co-chair of NELLS New England Library Leadership Symposium. Information on NELA Web site and informational session at conference. NELLS this year will be held at Rolling Ridge Conference Center, N. Andover, MA July 28 to August 1. Open to professionals and support staff.

 Limber Librarians – Betsy showed off her medal for walking a half-marathon: 13 miles in 3 hours and 18 minutes. Leaving from lobby at 7 a.m. by car. Will drive to a conservation area to walk. Appreciate more volunteers who are willing to drive. Wear sneakers and comfortable clothes for walking. Dress warmly.

 SNAIL Mini-Golf Tournament – Tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. Started almost 20 years ago – state competition. The state that wins gets a trophy that is a snail, described as a “big, ugly thing.” One participant described it as a great way to not only bond with other librarians but also to bond with vendors.

 Carlo Cantamessa – Exhibits Advisory Chairman

Exhibit schedule – Sunday 2:15-4:30

Monday – 9:45-1 (light refreshments 10:30-11:30)

Monday – 2-4:30 (light refreshments 3-4)

Tuesday – 9:15-1 (light refreshments 10-11)

Just stop by booths and say “hi” and ask what they’re selling. If can’t make it at a good time, let them know you want to see them and come back at a time that’s convenient for you. May also be able to meet with them during their lunch periods.


Don’t’ forget to participate in the Exhibits Raffle. Get vendors from different aisles to sign the raffle to participate.

There is an Advisory Council member at every aisle. Talk to them if there is a problem or question. White ribbon on their badges.

I introduced the conference blog. If you’re reading this, you’ve already found it. All of the bloggers would love to see your comments on their posts, so feel free to post your own impressions about a presentation. It really opens up a dialog that goes beyond the conference.

Questions: Can we have a blown up version of the map? It’s at the registration desk in a binder, but can’t take it away. 

Is there somebody at registration desk for entire conference? We try to. You can also ask questions of people with a flashing star.